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Poster: sakanaband Date: Sep 15, 2013 6:58pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Absolutely Best Qual Downloadable Archive Dead

Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Favorite Matrix's? Back of the floor in the first few rows off the risers, dead center. FULL-ON Wall of Sound effect. Between rows 5 – 10 dead center on the floor with Weir’s spit. a little close for total comfort. First five rows on the floor dead center. Umbrella or bandana needed for the searing saliva. Suspended about 5 feet above the heads of the audience on the lip of the stage dead-center. Like standing on stage. Lowest level of the balcony dead-center perfectly even with the meat of the sound system. The second set is where it’s at, Garcia takes extended solos on almost every song. Sitting in a chair on the lip of the stage in front of the band, dead center. This is definitely a matrix, not a pure soundboard. 20 rows back dead-center on the floor at Winterland. Be there now! At the sound board controls in the drippy gooey center of the Wall of Sound with a quiet and respectful (and enthusiastic!) Canadian crowd. From the center balcony of Winterland. An imperfect document due to some loss of the soundboard, but what is there is very, very special. Home team on the home turf. Probably the best matrix from 1970. So many soundboards were tragically lost of that, my favorite year of GD music. This is exactly what it sounded like in the taper section that night.

I love me some matrices and I based these choices on what I think (please forgive the arrogance! :)is superior musicianship coupled with outstanding three-dimensional sonic fidelity. I believe these (and probably dozens of others!) might all deliver the promise of what a matrix was supposed to be when the idea was first floated around. Special consideration was given here to those mixes that sound particularly fantastic with headphones and have that “you are there” or “the mouth of the beast” or “standing in a shaft of light” that was part and parcel of the sound system of the band we love so much. That is, when you were lucky enough to be in the sweet spot! Please enjoy, and feedback is much appreciated! Thanks so much to the tapers, the techs, the matrix wizards, the fans and Jehovah’s favorite choir, of course. God Bless the Grateful Dead. Note: Best enjoyed with head phones!

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Poster: Slewfoot_2012 Date: Sep 19, 2013 4:22am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Absolutely Best Qual Downloadable Archive Dead

Great list! I would also add the matrix from 2-26-77 and 2-15-73. Truly wonderful shows and fantastic sound quality, especially 2-26. The 2-15 is more rugged, but still great.